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Never Again - Fruition

Legbamel Not-Pop

I admit, some band names beg me to like them so that I can share them with you. This time, it worked beautifully and I can bring you to Fruition. Y'know, that sounded a lot less dirty in my head. Whatever, just listen.

Fruition or Fruition String Band bills itself as a bluegrass band. All I can say is that all bluegrass should be this fun and not-nasal. Therein lies the key, for me. I actually quite enjoy bluegrass instrumentals but those vocals usually kill the pleasure.

Never Again takes a pretty straightforward sound, mandolin-heavy though with nary a banjo to be seen, and injects a dose of Portland jam-band sensibility. As an added bonus, the band harmonizes beautifully and are clearly talented musicians as the solos at about two minutes show. This is a hippie bluegrass band, not a country crew.

Apparently there are two bands called Fruition featured on Grooveshark, both of them good but with very different sounds. If you click over to find more definitely give both a listen. Never Again and Till You Come (by Here) are by the Fruition String Band. The other guys are more straightforward rock. Maybe I'll post them some other time.

Never Again by Fruition on Grooveshark

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