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I Can't No Go for Can Do

Legbamel Not-Pop

I've put together a little trio of songs for you all today, one that starts with some classic 80s Hall and Oates and then wanders a decade or two toward today. We'll move from I Can't Go for That to De La Soul's Say No Go, based on the song. In between I've sandwiched Tech N9ne with No Can Do, in the spirit of following the lyrics.

Be warned that Tech N9ne says a naughty word or three and lifted the intonation of "no can do" from the original Hall and Oates song. That's what qualified them for the list, after all. You should hear some of the songs I banished! Well, in point of fact, no, you shouldn't.

Whatever the case, have a listen to this genre-spanning set and do share any other I Can't Go for That-based songs you might know. I'd be frankly shocked if you have any but I do enjoy surprises.

No Can Go for That by legbamel on Grooveshark

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