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7 Days' Worth of It's Love, Baby (24 Hours a Day)

Legbamel Not-Pop

Delbert McClinton brought me to It's Love, Baby (24 Hours a Day) but he was hardly the first person to perform the song. For this Thursday evening I've put together seven versions of the song so that you all can remember for a whole week how much I love you!

Note that Jackie DeShannon removed the "to keep my gay" line and made her go-go version "throughout the day", which is far less entertaining. Toni Lynn Washington has some great horns and a hardcore blues beat going, Louis Brooks & the Hi-Toppers give a fantastic Motown vibe, and Rusty Zinn goes old school in more modern times. I don't know who The Monorays are but the quality of the recording makes them sound native to Victrola times.

I included a second version credited to Louis Brooks without his Hi-Toppers because apparently the lead vocals on the original release with them were performed by Earl Gaines, so the second one may not be. Whatever your favorite style, have a jam to It's Love, Baby. You don't have to listen to it 24 hours a day, but don't miss Delbert McClinton's version at the end. It's still my favorite.

A Week of It's Love, Baby by legbamel on Grooveshark

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