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Suburbia - Pet Shop Boys

Legbamel Not-Pop

I've been invested far more time than a sensible person would in 1980s week at Google+. In consequence, I've been wallowing in some of my favorite songs from that decade. I've already posted a fair number of them but I hadn't shared the Pet Shop Boys' Suburbia, which is a crying shame.

This was my favorite of their songs, along with It's a Sin and Love Comes Quickly. Yes, that means that the Pet Shop Boys songs I love best came from their first two albums. To be honest, a lot of their songs sound a lot alike and after a while it just seems silly to buy another album that sounds like the ones you already have.

But when I heard Suburbia for the first time it struck an immediate and deep chord. Heck, I was in high school in suburbia; of course it did. So I bought "Actually" and wore my cassette out until "Please" came out and then they took turns. In the spirit of 80s week and over-sharing, have all three songs, my darlings, just so you know I still love you even if I am posting dozens of songs somewhere else entirely. And if you're a plusser I'd love to see you over there posting your own 80s gems.

Pet Shop Trio by legbamel on Grooveshark

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