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Parlez Vous Francais? - Art vs. Science

Legbamel Not-Pop

The first time you watch this video, what I like to consider subtitled "The Best Mime Duel Ever Recorded", you may forget to listen to the song. That's a shame, because Parlez Vous Francais? really stands on its own as a banger worthy of a truly epic sound system.

That is not to say that Art vs. Science are lyrical geniuses. Witty, yes, but in essence the chorus runs: "Do you speak French? If yes, take off your shirt. Do it now because you can and I think you should." But the sheer amount of bass supporting it excuses your taking it seriously. Well, as far as dancing goes, anyway.

Watch two mimes battle to the death and then go back to the beginning and actually listen to Parlez Vous Francais?. And if at least one of those trips through the song don't get you gettin' down then you haven't had enough beers at your Fourth of July barbeque...or it's, y'know, Wednesday evening and you didn't turn it up loud enough. Go ahead, do it again. I won't tell.

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