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Mashup of the Month: Franz Tranz 2 - FAROFF

Legbamel Not-Pop

You can find Franz Ferdinand mashed up with just about everyone by a whole lot of people. But there's only one place to find Franz Ferdinand vs Stealer's Wheel with bonus appearances by Nirvana, Def Cut, and Michael Jackson, and that's from FAROFF. While that post offers two separate versions of Franz Tranz (as well as a pair of Gwen Stefani mashes, The Ramones vs. Jet, and The Doors with Stevie Wonder) I have to agree with his assessment that the second version is better.

Have a listen to Franz Tranz 2 which pits Do You Want To against Stuck in the Middle and Bad. You can download it for free from the link above or from Official FM as linked below, along with a whole slew of wondrous FAROFF mashes. Who's bad?

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