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Back and Forth - The Bright Lights Social Hour

Legbamel Not-Pop

I've got almost-brand-new, old-fashioned rock and roll for you folks today, courtesy of The Bright Lights Social Hour. The quartet hails from Austin, Texas and I hear (erm, read, via their web site) they just opened for Aerosmith recently. But you don't care about all of that, do you, my dears? You just want to hear the music.

Well, fine. Here's Back and Forth, what I'm nominating as the best song off their 2010 eponymous album. It's a jam of classic proportions, filled with scrubby guitars and frustration, just like you remember from yesteryear.

If you like it, give Rhubarb Jam and Bare Hands Bare Feet a try. Note that they occasionally break into Spanish, and that the latter song makes me think of We Built this City, except that I like it a whole lot more.

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