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Cinnamon Girl - Dunkelbunt ft. Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar

Legbamel Not-Pop

I have for you today six gallons of awesome sauce in hermetically sealed jars, ready to pour over your Saturday night. Don't crowd, now, there's plenty of Boban i Marko Marković Orkestar to go around!

In case you hadn't heard, this mass of gypsy horns has a new album coming out June 12 on which they have this version of Cinnamon Girl remixed by Dunkelbunt. As much as I like saying Dunkelbunt I'm not sure how much involvement, if any, he had in the rest of "Golden Horns".

Whatever the case, I defy you all to pour some of this over your evening and not find yourself dancing. It's a ridiculous amount of horn-filled joy, something by which you know I am often overcome. If you care for Hava Nagila you'll find a wild and wooly version on the album as well.

"Golden Horns" is, in fact, a best-of album for Boban i Marko Marković Orkestar. From the first song you'll find yourself wanting the throw your arms in the air, perhaps wave them like you just don't care, and shouting "oi" or something to that effect from time to time. You can sample more of the record via Flip Switch PR. If you've been missing the massive blare of a rockin' gypsy horn section in your life, I highly recommend giving these guys a try.

Cinnamon Girl (Radio Edit) Feat. Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar by Dunkelbunt on Grooveshark

UPDATE: How's this for triple-awesome? For once I beat NPR to a great story. They did a fantastic piece about the Markovic Orkestar on July 3rd. I was grinning the entire drive home. Usually I hear great stuff from them but this time I did it first! Okay, I'll quit, now.

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