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Jock It In - Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers

Legbamel Not-Pop

It's sad that it took Chuck Brown's death to remind me to post some of the funkiest funk out there. It's also sad that so many awesome people have already died this year. I'm a little scared of the next six months!

As my tribute to the fantastic talent of Chuck Brown, Godfather of Go-Go or no, enjoy Jock It In a song with so much funk I'm a little worried you might not survive. Keep your clickers over the pause button, my darlings, and take a break if you feel your head might explode from the awesome.

If you've never heard of Chuck Brown, think James Brown (no relation) crossed with Tower of Power and Parliament Funkadelic. Yeah, Jock It In is that funky. RIP, Chuck Brown. Thanks for the great music!

Jock It In by Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers on Grooveshark

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