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Bad Girls - Donna Summer

Legbamel Not-Pop

It's a rough week for old-school music lovers! First Chuck Brown passed and now Donna Summer has left us. As a not-so-closeted disco fan, I've dimmed my mirror ball for the night in her honor.

I have also been enjoying a little Donna Summer retrospective and wanted to share with you a hit from yesteryear that you never hear these days. Get your groove on with some Bad Girls, from the heady days of sex, drugs, and no HIV. It's not only appropriately named, it has traffic whistles and has a great, pounding bass line just made for doing the hustle.

Hopefully no musicians will die tomorrow and we can get something a little more recent, though it's been a great week for funk here on The NPJ. RIP, Donna Summer.

Bad Girls by Donna Summer on Grooveshark

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