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Retro Future Shock - Loo & Placido

Legbamel Not-Pop

I've been looking backward a lot in my posts of late. Let's look forward...by looking back some more with Loo & Placdio who have compiled one of the most massive mixtape mashes I've heard and then covered it in awesome sauce for extra wonderful. I can't even begin to tell you the track list for Retro Future Shock but you can see the whole thing by clicking over to the SoundCloud page, where you can download the whole, hour-long, gorgeous thing for free.

Be warned: the track is an hour and nine minutes long and includes a bit of foul language when it switches from Queen vocals to The Beatles early on. You might want to keep your headphones on or watch the volume button when you're listening to it driving around in the convertible with the kids in the back. Not that I've had that problem. Ahem. But the rest of it makes such tiny issues worth it.

Did you notice that the end of the track name is Volume 1? And are you as geekily excited to hear the Volume 2 implied? No? Listen to Retro Future Shock and imagine it twice as long. I'm going to be exhausted from chair dancing but I'm pretty sure I can make it through two hours and every time they switch songs it's like an Easter Egg hunt. This is the future of mashes and great taste of what shocks big record companies about them. Thanks, Loo & Placido!

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