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Rebellious Love - Gogol Bordello

Legbamel Not-Pop

I think of Rebellious Love as a sort of “circle of love” song, one in which love is a skittish and elusive thing that causes God to chase man and man to chase the unknown. And there in that unknown man finds love that some call a god, causing the circle to go around again.

Now I’m not so big on the religion thing but it’s an intriguing song nonetheless. I wouldn’t have expected it from the creators of Supertheory of Supereverything. But Gogol Bordello’s imagery, as usual, creates something more than just the toe tapping you get from any old (awesome) song.

And for once they’ve completely avoided cursing or sex which makes it a lot safer to enjoy Rebellious Love at work than most of their songs. Much as I like to have Think Locally, Fuck Globally pop onto my computer’s speakers when I’m on the phone or when my kids are romping around the living room it’s nice to have one that doesn’t have me diving for the fast-forward button.

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