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Hooked and Bang, Bang, Bang - Eilen Jewell

Legbamel Not-Pop

Last year Eilen Jewell put out a record titled "Queen of the Minor Key" that was an instant hit with me. Aurally it tastes like a combination of James Hunter and The Notting Hillbillies (whom, I now realize, I've never posted): humor and soul and a little savor of country beneath.

Upon hearing Bang, Bang, Bang, I immediately had to search for more. The idea of psychotic Cupid firing a shotgun at random into crowds entertains me perhaps more than it should. It's too short for a post, though, so I added Hooked, a love song that perhaps follows perfectly. Cupid has done his thing and love has bloomed unexpectedly.

If you go back to Eilen Jewell's earlier albums you get a lot more country with less soul. You still get a great voice, though. If you like Bang, Bang, Bang and Hooked try Shakin' All Over, too.

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