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You Pick the Winner: Banana Pancakes in a Dangerous Mood

Legbamel Not-Pop

Few things make time together more romantic than playing hooky from your obligations. That goes double when it’s your partner’s idea and he or she surprises you. Today, let’s match up two songs that take different approaches to this idea and you can pick the winner.

Jack Johnson sound like just the guy you want to hang out with eating Banana Pancakes and, uh, whatever else you like of a lazy Wednesday morning. He’s got a slow groove going and I don’t know about you but he could convince me to call in sick with an argument like that.

Keb’ Mo’, on the other hand, is not relying on my weakness. He’s taken matters into his own hands and locked the world out for the night. He may be in a Dangerous Mood but the only thing threatened is your virtue. After a build-up like this I can’t help but think you’re going to give in so you might as well enjoy it.

I’m posting Banana Pancakes and Dangerous Mood because I love both songs. Give me some feedback: which song would sway you to drop your everyday cares for some quality time? Go on, pick the winner!

Dangerous Banana Pancake Mood by legbamel on Grooveshark

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