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Live Your Live, Punk - Party Ben

Legbamel Not-Pop

I know it's not time for the Mashup of the Month yet but I just had to share this one with you. I haven't posted A-Punk from Vampire Weekend but, next to Oxford Comma it's my favorite Vampire Weekend song. Imagine how tickled I was, thus, to find it mixed with TI and Rihanna's Live Your Life.

I'm on another mashup tear but this one really begged me to share it. Naturally, you can download it for free from the Party Ben web site but have a listen, here. You know I like you to try before you buy, even if it is really a no-money-down proposition. I've also included the original for A-Punk because I discovered I'd never posted it before. There's been enough written about Vampire Weekend that I didn't think you needed yet another bunch of blather about them in a separate post.

As a side note, one of these days I'm going to put together a playlist of all of the Imperial March mashups I've found. Star Wars seems to be as big with DJs as it is with the rest of us geeks, or perhaps it's just that it's such an iconic bit of music. Whatever the case, Party Ben made the list for that, too.

Live Your Life, Punks by legbamel on Grooveshark

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