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Tattoo - Van Halen

Legbamel Not-Pop

Normally I wouldn't post something as wildly popular as Van Halen and their new single Tattoo, even on the day they release their new album (which they did today), even if David Lee Roth had rejoined the band (which he has). But their press release contained one bit of information that made me sit up and take notice: Kool & the Gang will open for them on some tour dates.

Now, picture yourself in 1982. If you were more than, say, nine years old would you have ever said to yourself, "In 30 years I bet Van Halen and Kool & the Gang will be touring together"? Hell, no! (Don't lie, you would not.)

And yet here we are, with yet another sign of the apocalypse come to pass. Or something like that. On top of the absolute adoration of the idea of watching these two bands perform back to back I have to admit to actually liking Tattoo, though I couldn't help but keep thinking they should have titled it The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Then again, maybe that's copyrighted.

Whatever the case, watch the video. I'm not in love with the song but I am a Diamond Dave fan so it's fun to watch him in his no-longer-skin-tight fake snakeskin pants and short hair doing the same old moves. And if anyone wants to fly me to one of the tour stops where I just know he'll be leaping on stage for a chorus of Funky Stuff, I'll gladly accept.

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