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Skyful of Rainbows - Wilder

Legbamel Not-Pop

With thanks to Troy A Peterson on G+, I present today an example of a great song from which the video detracts: Skyful of Rainbows. In this case, it's really terrible hair and an excess of facial jewelry that distracts you from what the band does with the music.

In fact, Wilder does in Skyful of Rainbows and its other songs a nice, 80s-tinged indie rock sound. They're bouncy and just angsty enough to keep the indie label rather than being straight pop. I've chosen not to post the video so that you can enjoy the song without wanting to remove that thing from the lead singer's face.

If you really want to see it, you can watch Wilder do Skyful of Rainbows. Personally, I prefer to just enjoy the song for itself rather. Image is a really personal thing and what I find unattractive may well appeal to others. Let me know if you agree on this one!

Skyful Of Rainbows by Wilder on Grooveshark

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