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I'm in Jail Songs - Various Artists

Legbamel Not-Pop

Was (not Was) came out with the wonderfully defiant Dad I'm in Jail long ago and it's long been a family favorite. I never shared it with you because it's so darned short, clocking in at a mere minute twenty-six.

Then I had the brilliant idea of looking for other songs about being in jail. Voila! Despite my expectation of finding half a dozen punk songs about getting arrested, most of these are country, bluegrass, or blues.

So here you'll find a steaming pile of great "I'm in jail" songs, including a cautionary tale about drunk driving called Christmas in Jail and a mashup of Lil' Wayne with RJD2 titled Too Bad I'm in Jail from the ever-talented Mashup-Germany. Of course I've included George Thorogood's 99 Days in Jail which is an extension (and cover) of Magic Sam's 21 Days in Jail.

I did find a ska-punk song by Waste Basket called All of My Friends Are in Jail, which was a lot more what I expected. And, naturally, I've started with Was (not Was) and their Dad I'm in Jail.Be careful listening to this collection: some of the genre changes may give you whiplash. At least if you end up in jail tonight you'll have a song or two to sing while you're waiting to make bail.

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