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Hintn Umi - Attwenger

Legbamel Not-Pop

I admit to Googling Hintn Umi to find out what Attwenger was singing about in this video. Apparently, the expression is Austrian slang for "don't go behind my back" or "around the backside" like a shady deal. That doesn't really clear it up as there are more than two words in this song but it's still interesting to know.

Regardless, I'm thrilled to have discovered Attwenger. They're accordian-punk hip-folk, you see, and come in about as many flavors as that implies. They don't have a horn section but they certainly have samples and a sharp sense of humor. If you like Hintn Umi don't miss Shakin' My Brain which takes a little tour of early American rock and roll...in German...and shiny gold suits.

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