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Who's Gonna Take the Weight - The Haggis Horns

Legbamel Not-Pop

You don't generally see terms like "Scottish" and "jazz-funk" together but that's what I've got for you today, my dears. The Haggis Horns have played with tons of famous people but they don't need some famous front-person to make you groove. I've chosen their cover of Kool & the Gang's Who's Gonna Take the Weight to share because it's a showcase kind of tune and because I could share the original, too.

Not only that but I found another sort-of-cover to throw onto the stack (hands up, those who remember stacking records on your turntable). Have a listen to the very different take that Groove Terminator offers, more electro-funk with hip hop sauce. I wish I could have found an album version of the Kool & the Gang original but the intro verbiage does explain the meaning of Who's Gonna Take the Weight and pretty well shows you that this predicament in which the world finds itself is nothing new. The live version comes from the late 70s!

Do tell me what you think, of any of the versions but particularly of The Haggis Horns. And, as a plug and an observation, Google + has turned into a prime source of new music for me, both in mentions from others and people sending me their stuff to review. If you've been avoiding joining a new social network, do give it a chance.

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