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I Learned to Dance in Mississippi - SCOTS

Legbamel Not-Pop

How about an autobiographical number for today, one about learning to dance at Junior Kimbrough’s juke-joint in a Southern US state that shan't remain nameless. That's what you get with Southern Culture on the Skids with I Learned to Dance in Mississippi.

You also get a rollicking jam that makes you want to travel down to Mississippi and learn to dance there yourself. Well, it does me. In lieu of that trip I just chair dance vehemently or get the kids and have a little dance party in the living room. I highly recommend it for a snowy, blowy Sunday afternoon like this one. It's just the thing to take the chill off after a snowball fight...or during one.

I Learned to Dance in Mississippi by Southern Culture On The Skids on Grooveshark

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