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Mashup of the Month: Eine Kleine Big Booty Bonkers – DJs from Mars

Legbamel Not-Pop

How can you resist a mashup that combines well-known classical music with Dizzee Rascal? You can’t. Eine Kleine Big Booty Bonkers gives me the giggles every time I hear it, thanks to the deft touch of DJs from Mars

Our extraterrestrial friends have taken Mozart, Dizzee Rascal, and Bombs Away and made them into this song that’s just bonkers. (If you don't know Bombs Away, try their pedo-bear song Super Soaker or their version of Du Hast. I kid you not. Or try Swagger, which I actually quite like.)

I know Eine Kleine Big Booty Bonkers isn't really a seasonal song but I figured we could all use a break from holiday music by now. Let go of the holiday hustle and bustle and shake your booty. If you like it you can, of course, download it for free from Mashuptown. Tomorrow I’ll post something a little more appropriate to the season.

Eine kleine Big Booty Bonkers (DJs From Mars Allegro Remix) by Dizzee Mozart vs. DJs From Mars on Grooveshark

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