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Deep in the Jungle - Wall of Voodoo

Legbamel Not-Pop

Until I decided to post Deep in the Jungle I had never looked at the soundtrack for Weird Science. Perhaps that's because I already owned the Oingo Boingo title track and the Killing Joke song that set the background for the party scene that makes Katy Perry's stupid song look like a tame Tuesday. I also owned Wall of Voodoo, at some point, but I haven't listened to them in ages. I quickly found I couldn't sit with a full album and just get down, like I could with some others, and back then if you didn't have it on a mix tape or a compilation you just didn't listen. No one listens to a single song on a cassette and then switches to another and this was long before the days of digital music. At any rate, I heard Deep in the Jungle again today and was reminded of how much fun Wall of Voodoo could be. For those of you who assumed they were a one-hit wonder after Mexican Radio, here's proof that they made it to at least two. And if you've never listened to them or aren't too familiar with 80s New Wave this song makes a pretty good introduction. Of course, you could just listen to Oingo Boingo. Nah, do both.

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