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Sharp Dressed Men - Various Artists

Legbamel Not-Pop

For no apparent reason, of late my post from mid-2009 of the 8½ Souvenirs cover of Sharp Dressed Man has been getting steady attention. It’s been a while so I presumed that I had posted a list of covers and chosen to feature that one.

Imagine my dismay when I looked at the post only to find that I’d not included the ten or more other covers of Sharp Dressed Man floating around the music world. And so today I rectify that with a dozen more, including the ZZ Top original and a great reimagining from Chrome Division.

The song appears to have captured the imagination of the country and western world, as well. That strikes me as a bit odd, perhaps because the image I have of a sharp-dressed country star involved ironed blue jeans and cowboy boots. Tack on the highly-entertaining cover from Ministry and you get to wondering what a conglomeration of these "sharp-dressed" men would look like.

Don't miss the wacky Dragonette version while you're listening. I finished up with a version in a language I can't identify so if any of you can tell me from where Ryhtivaliohumppa came I'd love it. And don't forget to hit that 8½ Souvenirs cover while you're at it.

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