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Shake Your Hips - Son of Dave

Legbamel Not-Pop

If I didn't tell you that Son of Dave is, quite literally, a one-man band you'd never guess it. Certainly songs like Shake Your Hips don't give it away. This great cover, as so many of his do, distills what can be an over-done song filled with flashy guitar solos and verbal eye-brow waggling into only as much as one man can play at a time. Well, in this case it's more like as much as three men because he's just that good.

Should you be ignorant of his secret identity, thought it's not actually a secret, I'll spill the beans, secure here in my evil lair. It's Benjamin Darvill, late of Crash Test Dummies and now, literally, on his own and singing the blues. If you want proof it's all him, have a gander at some of the videos of him performing live, including a great one of So Good, So Wrong. But before you go all of the way over to YouTube have a listen to Shake Your Hips right here!

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