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One through Ten – Number Songs

Legbamel Not-Pop

I have a penchant for creating play lists based on song titles. One of those lists includes all of the songs I own that have a number in the title, about 200 songs at the moment. I thought I’d make up a list for you today that includes songs for which the titles begin with the numbers one through ten, just because I can.

Let’s make a little story of them, shall we? We’ll start with One More Shot from Lonnie Brooks, follow it with Two More Bottles of Wine from Delbert McClinton, and by then we’ll be hearing Three Little Birds, Bob Marley style and blowing in the Four Winds with The Killers.

So you’re playing Five Card Stud with Buckwheat Zydeco instead of getting ready for Six Days on the Road with Taj Mahal (or The Flying Burrito Brothers). You feel like a Seven Day Fool, just like Etta James, Eight Miles High with The Byrds, like it’s Nine in the Afternoon and there’s a Panic at the Disco. The only thing for it is to cool out at 10 Ritchie Drive with Gene Krupa. Dig?

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