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Miracle Worker - SuperHeavy

Legbamel Not-Pop

So Mick Jaggar has a new band, to supplement his retirement fund I assume. He's gotten Damien Marley and Joss Stone in on the act and come up with what would be a great song...if only Mick Jaggar weren't in it. I know, that's mean. Sorry about that. But I can't help but think that someone with a better voice would be a better addition (and would have chosen a far more attractive suit).

Don't you think it's time for Mr. Jaggar to step behind the scenes? He's clearly got something good going, here. You can hear more SuperHeavy at Grooveshark, of course. Listen to their theme song (the one with the same name as the band) and Satyameva Jayate to get an idea what they're about. Clearly Marley has had a heavy influence on the sound. Let me know if you like it as is or if you, too, think it would improve with a different front man.

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