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Maracas - Mates of State

Legbamel Not-Pop

So Mates of States released a new LP a few weeks ago, and today I heard Maracas on the radio.  That's because I listen to some folks with even more diverse taste than mine.  At any rate, it took me some time to identify the song and then the artist because the evil fiends didn't bother to tell me anything and by the time I got to a place where I could check their playlist I couldn't remember what time I'd heard it.

It would have been simple had the song been called Syncopated Breathing, which is what I assumed from the last third of the song.  But if you listen closely (or even just attentively) you can hear the maracas from this the song takes its name.  And if you even glance at the screen below relatively often you'll see them, as well, in the hands of the drummer. 

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