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Institutionalized - Suicidal Tendencies

Legbamel Not-Pop

I bumped into a comment on a blog post today and all it said was "All I wanted was a Pepsi." That's all it took to bring Institutionalized full-blown into my head. And, really, who hasn't had a conversation with their parents that was as surreal as that verse? Just me? Never mind.

At any rate, I was heavily into Suicidal Tendencies in the late 80s and this was one of my absolute anthems of those days. I'll tell you now, though, that screaming "I'm not crazy" like this fails utterly to convince people of the truth of that statement. Or so I hear.

ST was one of those bands that you either got or you utterly failed to understand. And that's why I've resisted the urge for three years to post I Saw Your Mommy for Mother's Day: I suspect few people will find it as entertaining as I. But for today enjoy Institutionalized. And whatever you do don't listen to the whiny, emo version that Senses Fail recorded and that some numbskull put on a Tony Hawk game. Were I Mr. Hawk I'd have fired the music person for that game. I've seen him skate to the original: he knows better.

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