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Canned Heat - Jamiroquai

Legbamel Not-Pop

Let's have another song about dancing, tonight. Canned Heat gives you disco funk that will get your boogie shoes moving. The first time I heard the Jamiroquai song (not in that silly Napoleon Dynamite movie, thank you very much) I thought they were singing, "I've got candy in my heels tonight!" As you can imagine, thinking the song to be much older than its 1999 release date and misunderstanding the chorus made it foolishly difficult to find.

Yet for me the "candy in my heels" image rather works. I figured it meant either nose candy, as fits the Boogie-Nights-era sound and the 70s penchant for putting things like secret compartments and goldfish in the heels of platform shoes, or simply sweet moves. Apparently not.

You may notice that I've not posted Jamiroquai before. That's because every time I think I love them I bump into a song I hate. But I've decided that Canned Heat and some of their other music doesn't deserve to languish just because I don't love everything the band does. Enjoy this one and next I'll post something more jazzy and less boogie. Please disregard that the widget reads "Canned Head": I can't control badly-tagged uploads.

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