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I'm Your Pusher - Ice-T

Legbamel Not-Pop

I woke up this morning with Ice-T in my head. Perhaps I was simply thirsty, I don't know, but all day I've been wandering around hearing him say, "I'm your pusher." Since I don't have another one that's the role he's always filled for me.

For those of you unfamiliar with 80s rap I'll explain that, in this particular case, Ice-T is not playing the hardass. He pushes beats rather than drugs. It's a great example of storytelling and what rap sounded like 'way back when the roots were still being grown, back when rappers were known as MC and DJ, when beatboxing was an integral part of any of the genre's acts.

And so I'm sharing this with you all today to offer nostalgia or a new perspective, depending on how and if you lived twenty-five years ago. If you want more I do have a whole page dedicated to old-school rap and hip hop.

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