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No Parking on the Dance Floor - Phunk Junkeez

Legbamel Not-Pop

Long ago I posted about Midnight Star and had intended to post No Parking on the Dance Floor at some point. Then I found the Phunk Junkeez cover of the song and decided that you needed both. And then suddenly there was the Dazz Band version, which sounds almost identical to the original, and I couldn't resist giving you all three.

Though I love the old-school 80s electro-funk of the original I really do love what Phunk Junkeez did rocking out No Parking on the Dance Floor. The changes that Dazz Band made are relatively subtle except for the beginning. In fact, Dazz Band is not playing in The Masters of Funk with a couple of people that used to be a part of Midnight Star (plus The Bar-Kays, Brick, and a bunch of others). Naturally, that means you'll be getting more funk in the future. For now, remember not to park your booty on the dance floor and get with it!

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