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Learning to Fly - Pink Floyd

Legbamel Not-Pop

Now, I went through my fascinated-by-The-Wall phase as so many teens do, but it was Learning to Fly that made me first listen to Pink Floyd (and got me into Roger Waters's solo stuff which I still find interesting).  Who hasn't had this very dream, that you can, under the right circumstances, leap from a cliff and fly away?

I suppose this might count as ex-pop as it certainly enjoyed its fair share of radio play back in the day, as they say. To be honest, I also had a major crush on the guy in the video, unfortunate shirt of odd texture notwithstanding.  And so I'm sharing Learning to Fly, complete with the video I watched on MTV back when they had videos, as a little piece of my teens and with the hopes that I can have another wondrous flying dream tonight myself.

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