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I Want All Girls (Who Run the World) - Marc Johnce

Legbamel Not-Pop

I was all set to post something else that I've put off until tomorrow because you, my dears, need a grrl power mashup. I know, you probably didn't realize it until just now. I certainly didn't. But I've got one for you, from the ever-creative Marc Johnce. This one takes Beyoncé, Madonna, and Kat Graham and squeezes in a little Christina Aguilera and Dev with The Cataracs around the edges.

Don't be shocked but I had never heard any of these songs before in my life. But if you've been a long-time reader you may remember my disdain for women who sing about a man paying for everything or taking his credit cards to the mall. I love Shemekia Copeland, for example, but Ka-Ching makes me want to kick her in the ankle. So Kat Graham's I Want It All made me jump up and down in my chair with glee. I have to say, though, that whoever choreographs Beyoncé freaks me out. She and her back-up dancers tend to look more spastic than talented.

As proof, I offer you the video for I Want All Girls (Who Run the World) and a link to Marc Johnce's official web site where you can download it for free with some bonus material from Katy Perry that isn't in the video cut below. Go get 'em, girls!

By the way, I want that flaming hat for Halloween. Seriously.

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