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Help - Pozitive Orchestra

Legbamel Not-Pop

I consider a lot of Beatles music pop, and certainly it's popular enough to justify that opinion. But covers of Beatles songs, those I love. And today I have for you a Russian cover band (or a recycle band, as the Pozitive Orchestra seems to style themselves) that does the sorts of things that make Me First and the Gimme Gimmes and Richard Cheese so popular: they genre-bend songs into something recognizable but undeniably changed. In this case, they use a string quartet and a guy with a pretty thick accent to do it.

I'm including Help as it's on-topic for this post and it's my favorite track on their album "Recycle Music". It gives you a pretty good taste of what they do, as well. I was first introduced to them via their cover of Dire Strait's Money for Nothing but that's been posted in a few other places. You can, of course, listen to it on Grooveshark if you like. And, of course, stay here for a little Help!

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