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Spirits in the Material World - Various Artists

Legbamel Not-Pop

I had one of those idle thoughts that leads to interesting posts today: I wondered if anyone had covered Spirits in the Material World. The song of revolution and frustration was such an iconic Sting song that I thought perhaps people hadn't much touched it, at least without him.

Indeed, I found that Pato Banton recorded a version with Sting, a more reggae-toned cover and a duet that I actually like better than the original. And I found instrumental covers from Antoine Dufour and Michael Manring (the former much more interesting than the elevator-music latter). Then there's the version in Spanish from Puya titled Almas that ventures into hard-rock territory with a chorus much angrier than the Police made it. Last, I included Big Chief Monk Boudreaux & the Uppressors with their full-on reggae take.

I'm still working on getting the colors down for widgets so excuse the excesses you might see in the meantime. The important thing is that you get six versions of Spirits in the Material World today. Which one did you like best?

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