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Rev It Up - Deluxetone Rockets

Legbamel Not-Pop

Sometimes you bump into the most interesting things accidentally. Today I was looking for a Modest Mouse song that the DJ mistakenly titled Rev It Up. I'd heard part of it and wanted to give it another listen. As happens every time I hear a Modest Mouse song that makes me say, "Interesting!" on second listen I thought, "Meh." The lyrics are great but the music just isn't to my taste.

All of which was to explain how I ended up listening to the Deluxetone Rockets and Rev It Up. This one made me say, "Interesting!" twice in a row. In part it's the tempo changes but I really like what they do with the chorus. And if you've read more than two posts here at The NPJ you know I'm a sucker for a name like Deluxetone Rockets. In fact, they've got some other great rockabilly stuff that I may well post later...and they've got horns.

As an apology for my slacker-ness of late (it's just so NICE outside, people) I'm posting both Fire It Up and Rev It Up. Now I'm off to rev up my own stuff. Enjoy!

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