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Ruta Ruta - Zdob şi Zdub

Legbamel Not-Pop

I don't live in Europe and I don't have cable or satellite TV. But Eurovision was the talk of the web last night and Moldova's Zdob şi Zdub caught everyone's imagination with So Lucky. I had never heard of the band and now wonder how I could have lived so long without them.

Because everyone and their brother has posted the delightful, gnome-hat-filled video of that performance I thought I'd share one of the many songs that I enjoyed yesterday evening, Ruta Ruta. I'm sad that no one recommended them to me before so that I could have said, "I love those guys!" instead of, "Who are these wonderful maniace?!"

Apparently Zdob şi Zdub has been around, in various forms since 1994, evolving and changing their sound as they've gone. All I can say is that they push all of my music-fan buttons: horns, folk music reinterpretations, goofy lyrics, and crazy stuff I don't understand but still makes me want to dance. I'll be listening to--and sharing--a lot more.

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