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I Wanna See You Bellydance - Red Elvises

Legbamel Not-Pop

How, my darlings, have you managed to let me get so very far without posting a thing from the Red Elvises? It's shocking behavior like this that makes me inflict horrible cover songs on you, you know. Today I break free of your shackles and offer you I Wanna See You Bellydance , or what Gogol Bordello could sound like if they planted their tongues very firmly in their cheeks. Well, more firmly. While doing the occasional Elvis impressions...and being Russian immigrants from LA.

Red Elvises has been around for more than fifteen years and still tour like mad but they're not the same band any more and they haven't released an album since a couple of the members left (one to join the circus, thank you very much) in 2009. Happily, there are still a dozen or so floating around, including one recorded as Limpopo, and the soundtrack for Six String Samurai (which includes the delightful Surfing in Siberia). I will say that their last album, "Drinking with Jesus", marked a very different sound for the group. I'd recommend starting with "Grooving to the Moscow Beat" and working your way forward.

And yes, I do have Istanbul Not Constantinople stuck in my head, now.

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