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I Never Promised You a Rose Garden - The Suicide Machines

Legbamel Not-Pop

Unexpected covers make my day. In the interest of making yours, I'm sharing The Suicide Machines and their cover of I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, something you would not expect a ska-punk band to tackle. They've even got the strings, though I'd think they were not live in the studio with the band.

Now, a lot of bands do unexpected cover songs. But this particular song seems like an "out there" pick. Martina McBride and kd lang both recorded versions of the song, both of whom fall under the sorts of folks who wouldn't surprise you with it (particularly the latter who recorded a twang-filled treatment in 1987 rather than the lush sound she usually achieves nowadays but has a lot of fun with it, live). In my world, that's half the fun of looking up who else recorded a song. Have you got any other suggestions?

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