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True Confessions: I Hope She Cheats - Marsha Ambrosious

Legbamel Not-Pop

I'm not generally an R&B fan. My brother loves the stuff so I've heard my fair share of what I call "Ooh, Baby, Baby" music. But when I heard Marsha Ambrosious's I Hope She Cheats (with a Basketball Player) my reaction went something like this:
[snort] That's not funny.
[snicker] Cheating is wrong.
[chuckle] Bitter, indeed!

It helped that I heard said song during an interview with Ms. Ambrosious on NPR this evening. She was refreshingly unpretentious and pointed out that, while the exact words may not occur to all of us, the sentiment certainly has in that awkward, my-heart-is-still-broken-and-yours-isn't period after a break-up. It's not nice, it's not particularly healthy, but it's the sort of unkind thought many people have, even just fleetingly, when they see an ex with someone new.

As an added bonus, she has a very nice voice, and she's lovely.

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