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Purple People Versions

Legbamel Not-Pop

I thought to myself earlier, "There must be a great ska or punk cover of Purple People Eater out there." Yet when I sought one what I found was a weird Jimmu Buffet version and the usual suspects (Ray Stevens, Dr. Demento, and Alvin & the Chipmunks) but I also found these three bizarre gems. Judy Garland gives a rather breathless swing version for which the first half were written alternate lyrics. I wouldn't say she was intoxicated for this one but it isn't the cleanest performance I've ever heard her give. It's a lot of fun, though.

The Big Bopper, on the other hand, took our horn-headed little friend and introduced him to the Witch Doctor, and then George Thorogood, well, he covered Purple People Eater, actually. It's strangely faithful to the original except for that guitar solo. If you have another great, other-genre cover I'd love to hear it.

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