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Barefootin' - Various Artists

Legbamel Not-Pop

As someone who dances her best in bare feet, and as a fan of the song, I thought Barefootin' a fitting celebration of the return of barefoot weather here in the frozen north. Forget the flood--let's dance! In seeking the original from The Undertakers, a version I sadly did not find on Grooveshark, I bumped into covers from Jimmy Buffett, Wilson Pickett, Lee Dorsey, Johnny Winter, and The Boomtown Rats. Then there were versions from Pinetop Perkins, Cliff Bennett with The Rebel Rousers, and The Doc Thomas Group.

Naturally, I've included every last one of them here. Some of them work better than others, whether with a country flair, a guitar rock bent, or just a great soul sound. I started with my favorite of the group for sheer energy but the song bears repeating so do have a listen to more than one. Let me know which cover of Barefootin' you like best or if you have another version I haven't shared.

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