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Anxious - The Housemartins

Legbamel Not-Pop

I’ve been a fan of The Housemartins for a couple of decades, now, give or take. And now that 80s pop music is a genre unto itself (and isn’t really “pop” any more, for the most part) I can confess that love. Yes, I’ve danced around to Happy Hour (and cheered at the nod from Barenaked Ladies). Yes, I’ve sung Me and the Farmer in the car at the top of my lungs. Indeed I once introduced friends of mine to the band and their band covered We’re Not Deep at the bar a month later. I was so proud.

And yet I haven’t posted them much. Perhaps I’ve let my snobbery get the better of me: I’ve been mocked for being a Housemartins fan. (Picture the sadness on my face here.) It turns out I’m not the biggest music snob I know. But I long ago cast off the shackles of genre superiority! And so I can admit that I love disco, that I own Olivia Newton John 45s (and the "Thriller" original issue on vinyl, thank you very much), and that, yes, I bought The Housemartins on cassette and CD.

So for today, enjoy Anxious, some classic 80s pop. It's old enough to be on the oldies station except that that target keeps moving backward in time. And if you love it, don’t be ashamed. Do your best nerd dance and shout along.

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