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You Pick the Winner: Wreckx-N-Effect vs. Suburban Legends

Legbamel Not-Pop

I’ve been hanging out in the “way back machine” lately. As I meander the back waters of my music collection I keep bumping into songs that make me think of others. For example, when I listen to Rump Shaker, the Wreckx-N-Effect hit of 1993, my brain immediately hops to the Suburban Legends’ song Blingity-Bling (from their album, “Rump Shaker”). The song Rump Shaker certainly received enough air play in the California suburb in which I lived that summer.

So let us listen to the two back-to-back (no pun int…well, okay, a little pun intended). I’ve got a digital cookie right here for the one who can identify the song referenced in Rump Shakin’, by the way. It has frosting and sprinkles (the imaginary cookie, silly, not the song). I suppose this is less a round of You Pick the Winner than another of those odd connections my brain makes but do let me know which song you like better.

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