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You Pick the Winner: Is There a Heaven?

Legbamel Not-Pop

Every so often I line up song titles that tell a little story. In this case, I’ve got three songs that sum up the whole of religious sentiment: Too Much Heaven, Heaven Can Wait, and No Heaven. Indeed the three also work together to trace musical development from the 70s to the 2000s: a falsetto-filled symphonic love song from the Bee Gees, a more bass-heavy beauty from Michael Jackson, and a traditional song turned into an electro dance number by Champion.

So my question to you isn’t particularly clear, even in my own mind. Certainly, I’d love to know which song you like the best of the three but do you think they work together as a set? When I listened to them in that order it seemed a heavenly progression but sometimes I fear I get too entertained by my own cleverness to be objective. Do tell, my dears.

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