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Drinking & Driving - Watermelon Slim

Legbamel Not-Pop

To get the taste of a truly heinous bluegrass cover of My Girl, complete with nasal wailing and twanging banjos, I turned my ear to some much tastier music. Happily, I settled on Watermelon Slim and the Workers. If you’re unfamiliar with this southern-fried blues group I recommend having a listen.

Drinking & Driving may seem, at first blush, like a song about that good ol’ boy pastime of swilling beer while ripping around gravel roads in your pick-up. But the lyrics tell a very different story. Mr. Slim, if you could call him such, uses drinking and driving as a metaphor for how his woman is ruining their relationship.

Because the song is unexpected, almost entirely unknown, and just a great tune I thought I’d share Drinking & Driving with you all. If you’ve got a favorite metaphor song please do share it with the group.

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