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Waikiki - Suburban Legends

Legbamel Not-Pop

I couldn't tell you why it's taken so long to post something from Suburban Legends. They're one of my favorite ska bands, sticking with the horns-and-backbeat formula rather than sliding into the ska punk end of their sound like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones have. And yet I somehow haven't gotten a sample to you folks yet. I was going to post Blingity Bling but then I remembered Waikiki and a quick re-listen decided me that you really ought to hear it.

And so in celebration of the fact that that little groundhog predicted an end to this obnoxious winter, weather forecasts notwithstanding, have a bouncy, silly song about sitting on the beach in Waikiki. Don't miss the time machine portion. I'll post more from these gents in the relatively near future, I promise. And if you've a favorite ska band to recommend or a Suburban Legends song that you think ought not to be missed please do share. Maybe I'll post Gimme Gimme for the holidays. Apparently they're done playing Disney parks and have a new album coming out this year. I'll let you know if it's as snarky and fun as their older stuff as soon as I can (and if anyone can get me a copy I'll love you forever).

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