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Rock and Roll High School - The Ramones

Legbamel Not-Pop

Let’s get old-school today. For a punk band The Ramones were wildly popular for a time. How many other bands of the genre can boast their own movies (Rock 'N' Roll High School, naturally)? (Should there be a trivia buff with an actual answer to that question I am willing to pretend it was not rhetorical but I doubt it was more than two and then only if you count the Sex Pistols.)

The Ramones might have punk style but they wrote some ridiculously catchy songs. Many of them had verbal hooks that had stayed with me for decades now. Such is the case with Rock and Roll High School, which popped into my head this morning from, “Well I don’t care about history…”

If you are so very young and sheltered that you cannot name five Ramones songs at the drop of a hat [drops hat] then get you hence to Grooveshark and have a listen. I'll bet there's at least one earworm waiting for you on that list.

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