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I'm Too Fat to Be a Hipster - OH SNAP!!

Legbamel Not-Pop

Apparently once a year I feel the need to post an OH SNAP!! song. The first time I posted High Top Fade was when The NPJ was but a baby blog and I didn't have this whole "Grooveshark is my best friend" thing down. Naturally, that means that I didn't have the song included in the post. Well, I'm going to not only fix that but add I'm Too Fat to Be a Hipster as well. The latter is one of those songs that's not only an earworm around my house but funny as well. I can think of few things more entertaining than my little beanpole boys bopping around the house singing it, which they do with somewhat disturbing regularity.

At any rate, enjoy the tracks from two white boys who have turned old-school rap into a DJ career. Personally, I like the gimmicky, funny old stuff more than their new things like Shake It Like a White Girl and Single Girls Rock. I'll take self-deprecation over stereotyping and misogyny any day. I do like Aussies Love Tank Tops, though.

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